音楽は、Yelleというフランス人シンガーのシングル、"A Cause Des Garcons"という曲のTecktonikバージョンが国内チャートで一位になっています。このCDは日本でも売っていますよ。

I've been recently to Paris on vacation and I was really surprised to discover a new trend, called "Tecktonik". It is a kind of street dance, mixing hip-hop and techno styles. It is very famous among young French boys and girls, between 16 and 20 years old!
The concept is to make his/her own team of dancers. And the funny thing is that they are dancing everywhere on the street of Paris and they organize dance "battles" between them!
Their look is also very interesting: typical dress for tecktonik dancers include tight-fitting jackets and slim-fit jeans!
About the music, the single of the French singer, Yelle, is No1 of the French chart, with the Tecktonik version of her single "A Cause Des Garcons". We even can find that CD in Japan!
Will the Tecktonik be the next trend in Tokyo too?... Why not!